OnDemand Webinar | How Security Leaders Can Increase Coverage of Insider Threats

OnDemand Webinar | How Security Leaders Can Increase Coverage of Insider Threats

Insider Threats are a growing problem for organizations. According to a recent analyst report, about 50-70% of all security incidents are attributed to insider activity. For many organizations, detecting insider threats is difficult because the threat actor is using a trusted identity and has legitimate access to its systems and data. Since these attacks involve credentials that are legitimate, they might not trigger any alerts with many security products.

A behavioral approach to detecting insider threats, enables security teams to easily spot abnormal activity that may be indicative of an insider threat. With visibility into unusual employee activity, organizations can lower the risk of making headline news from an insider threat breach.

Join Martin Littmann, CISO at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, and Steve Moore, Vice President and Chief Security Strategist, Exabeam, for an educational webinar to learn:

  • What are insider threats and why they often go undetected;
  • The key behavioral indicators that may identify an internal threat actor;
  • Tools that can be used to automatically detect insider threats;
  • How automation can help organizations increase coverage of insider threats.

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