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Asia's Data Breach Trends: Tackling the New Age Cyber Threats

Asia's Data Breach Trends: Tackling the New Age Cyber Threats

As cybercriminals increasingly profit from brazen attacks, your organization's cyber-risk strategy is under the microscope and it is often necessary to assess security preparedness in your organization and gain insights into where to strengthen your defences. As the rate of incidents continues to escalate, the magnitude of related brand, reputation, and fiscal impact is driving organizations to address cybersecurity risk. The current state of global cybersecurity remains chaotic as cyber criminals continue to employ social engineering as their primary initial attack vectors. If you haven't suffered a cybersecurity breach you have either been incredibly well prepared or very, very lucky. Are you well prepared?

It is very critical to become more resilient to new attacks and threats and compete more safely in the digital age as most cybercriminals are not fussy about who they steal from. While you could be the next target, making your defences as resilient as your digital ambitions is of utmost importance. The other side of this coin is responsible breach notification, which can serve to remediate the overall impact from attacker activity to the industry as a whole.

Against this backdrop, understanding the threats you face is the key to effective cybersecurity. The session will discuss:

  • New breach trends, attack patterns and the biggest cyber security threats in the region;
  • Security gaps in the existing breach response mechanism;
  • An effective approach to tackling the new age threats;
  • A strategic direction organizations can take in dealing with new attacks;
  • An effective threat intelligence sharing mechanism.

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